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    to ‘A Century of Chinese Cinema’

Win Screening Tickets to
‘A Century of Chinese Cinema’
at BFI Southbank

Lycamobile is delighted to announce its main sponsorship of the British Film Institute's (BFI) 'A Century of Chinese Cinema' season - the largest and most comprehensive exploration of Chinese cinema ever to be undertaken in the UK

From May to October, we are giving away up to 60 screening tickets to classic films ranging from martial arts, musicals, to cutting-edge modern masterpieces that will be showcasing at BFI Southbank.

How to Enter:

  • Simply text the Entry Code of the film you wish to see to 5555
    to be entered into a draw for a chance to win 2 screening tickets each time!
Campaign period: From 01st May 2014 till 07th October 2014. Good luck!

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Month- Theme List of Films Showing Date/ Time Entry Code Closing Date Winner Announcement Date
Special Screening
A Touch of Sin + Jia Zhangke in Conversation 08.05.14/ 18:45 TOS 01.05.14 03.05.14
The Golden Age and A New China
Street Angel 03.06.14/ 20:45 STA 27.05.14 29.05.14
Shangrao Concentration Camp 10.06.14/ 20:40 SCC 30.05.14 02.06.14
Parents’ Hearts 16.06.14/ 20:30 PHS 05.06.14 09.06.14
Spring in a Small Town + introduction by Noah Cowan 19.06.14/ 18:20 SST 08.06.14 10.06.14
Red Detachment of Women 27.06.14/ 18:10 RDW 16.06.14 18.06.14
China Behind 29.06.14/ 18:20 CBD 22.06.14 24.06.14
Swordsmen, Gangsters and Ghosts
Drunken Master 14.07.14/ 20:45 DKM 04.07.14 07.07.14
Police Story 20.07.14/ 18:30 PST 11.07.14 13.07.14
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 24.07.14/ 18:10 CTH 15.07.17 17.07.14
Once Upon a Time in China 25.07.14/ 18:00 OUT 16.07.14 18.07.14
New Waves
The Spooky Bunch (with intro by Ann Hui) 06.08.14/ 18:10 TSB 28.07.14 30.07.14
Black Snow (with Q&A with Xie Fei) 14.08.14/ 18:10 BKS 04.08.14 06.08.14
Farewell My Concubine 23.08.14/ 20:00 FMC 14.08.14 16.08.14
A Brighter Summer Day 25.08.14/ 18:30 BSD 16.08.14 18.08.14
The Story of Qui Ju 30.08.14/ 20:45 SQJ 21.08.14 23.08.14
New Directions
Happy Together 08.09.14/ 20:45 HTR 01.09.14 03.09.14
Chungking Express 10.09.14/ 18:30 CKE 03.09.14 05.09.14
Comrades: Almost a Love Story 15.09.14/ 20:30 ALS 08.09.14 10.09.14
In the Mood for Love 26.09.14/ 18:30 IML 19.09.14 22.09.14
Vive L'Amour 02.10.14/ 20:30 VLA 25.09.14 26.09.14
For more information on this month's films, please visit https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/Online/


The Goddess. Tuesday Oct 14 2014, 7:30 PM, Queen Elizabeth Hall

This newly restored, iconic silent film is presented as part of the BFI’s year-long Electric Shadows project celebrating artistic and cultural collaborations between China and Britain, and is screened here with the Ukraine premiere of renowned composer Zou Ye’s score. Ruan Lingyu’s devastating performance as an unnamed ‘goddess’– an ironic euphemism for her profession as a prostitute – is a classic of world cinema. As a mother desperate to provide for her young son and forced to take brutal vengeance on her pimp, Ruan scorches the screen with brilliantly understated naturalism. Director Wu Yonggang’s stance is deeply humanistic – he never passes judgment on his heroine’s work or actions. It is a profoundly moving drama, all the more poignant by the fact that its star committed suicide at the age of 24, a year after the film’s release.

Zou Ye’s new score, commissioned by the K T Wong Foundation, will be performed live by the English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Chalmers. Restoration by the China Film Archive, supported by SAPPRFT, in association with the K T Wong Foundation and the BFI.

Text GDS to 5555 now for the chance to be the lucky winner of 2 FREE screening tickets!

Closing date & Winner announcement date- 10.10.2014

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