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Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

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About mobile number portability service

With the growth of mobile communication in our lives it became more and more urgent to give a subscriber the opportunity to keep his telephone number after switching to another operator. A service for porting a subscriber number allows a subscriber to switch to another mobile operator keeping his favorite number. This service will be available starting May 1, 2019

Why should you switch from your mobile operator to Lycamobile?

Lycamobile is Ukraine’s newest mobile network, offering high-quality low-cost national and international calls, SMS and data. Our service is now available in 22 countries across five continents, and we serve over 15 million customers around the globe.:

Cheap calls to Lycamobile numbers in all 22 Lycamobile countries.
3000 minutes for Lycamobile numbers abroad!
Avail advantageous Internet packages and minutes packets in roaming throughout the European Union!
Favorable tariffs both in Ukraine and abroad

Due to the introduction of a number portability service in Ukraine a subscriber will finally have got a real choice and an opportunity to assess the main price offers in the telecommunications market, rather than just keeping his favorite number for years.

Download the MNP Form

Basic conditions for mobile number portability:

The number you want to be ported is registered for your name or you have a power of attorney from the subscriber, for whom the number is registered;
The passport data of the subscriber are the same as they are in the database of the operator, which is currently serving the number to be ported;
The number is not blocked;
The number has never been ported before or it had been ported more than 30 days ago
An integral part of the registration process is the presence of a personal cabinet and the introduction of true personal data.

Mobile number portability procedure

Porting the number to Lycamobile is free of charge!
Lycamobile will do itself everything for a subscriber, no need to contact the serving operator! You can apply for a number portability service.
To receive a service for transferring a subscriber number you will be provided with a Lycamobile SIM card:

You can receive the SIM card at the address: LLC "Lycamobile Ukraine", Kyiv, Khreshchatyk street, building 19A, or the SIM-card will be sent to you by postal service (Ukrposhta or Nova Poshta).
After successful transfer of the subscriber's number to the Lycamobile network, you will be able to use mobile communication services under the terms of the chosen tariff plan. No additional replacement of the SIM card is required.
Download the MNP Form

Documents required to apply for mobile number portability service:

For private customers:

Passport or other document to identify a person
Taxpayer card (taxpayer registration number)
SIM-card of the operator, which is currently serving the subscriber number (the SIM-card should be able to receive SMS)

When applying, you can choose the date of porting the number: not earlier than 3 days and not later than 6 months from the moment of application. For porting the number you will get a new Lycamobile SIM-card to which your number will be ported. The money of a subscriber and services from the former operator are not transferred. You can get your money back contacting the previous operator after switching to Lycamobile. While porting the number, a temporary restriction of communication up to 30 minutes for outgoing calls and up to 3 hours for incoming calls may occur.

When mobile number portability service can be denied:

A subscriber is denied the number portability service, if:

A subscriber is denied the number portability service, if:
Taxthe right to use the subscriber number, which is applied to be ported, belongs to another person, or the service providing to the subscriber, applying to port the number, has been stopped on the legal grounds;
the subscriber, applying to port the number, has already applied for the same service to another operator;
30 calendar days has not expired since last number porting;
the subscriber when applying for number porting has given incomplete and/or incorrect data;

If you have a problem when switching to Lycamobile

To get the information why the number portability service has been denied and how to deal with the situation or how to re-apply for the service:

Call +380 91 6000 110 (Monday - Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00)
Send a message to the Lycamobile webpage Contact Us
Send an e-mail to
Download the MNP Form

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