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Lyca Mobile Bundle Q&A

How will my allowances be deducted in case of the purchase of multiple packages?
Allowances will be deducted from the first plan purchased, if you have purchased more than one plan type with 30days expiry.

What is a SIM only deal?
Lyca Mobile’s SIM only deal offers a single pack of minutes, texts and mobile data with a validity of a month. The SIM only deal does not include any handset.
There are two types of SIM only deals: Pay monthly plan and Pay as you Go.

What is a Pay As You Go SIM?
In Pay as you go SIM deal, you can simply buy a SIM card and add credit limit to start making calls, sending texts and browsing the internet. You do not need to buy any bundles or get tied to any contracts. This kind of plan gives you flexibility.

Why should you opt for a SIM only deal?

You should choose Lyca Mobile’s SIM only deal because

  1. It is a cheaper option. Your monthly bills are significantly lowered, also you have complete control over your monthly expenses
  2. There is no contract or commitment – You are not locked into any kind of time-bound plan
  3. You can get a pay as you go plan only with this deal.

Are all Lyca Mobile SIM only & Pay Monthly Plans 3G enabled?
Yes. All Lyca Mobile SIM only & Pay monthly plans are 3G enabled.
(Depends on your location and the possibilities of your receipt device.)

How will I be charged when I run out of minutes on my bundle?
Once you have used your bundle allowance, you will be charged at our Standard National Rates.

Can I use my bundle in Roaming?
Selected bundles are available to use when roaming. To see which bundles have a roaming allowance included and which countries are included, visit our bundles page.

How I can check bundle allowance?
Bundle balance can be checked by using a short code *137# or by calling 1111.”

What is EU Roaming logo and which countries are included?
EU Roaming logo represents packages, that include data or/and calls, which can be used in certain countries. Country list:

EU Roaming Countries
Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Ukraine United Kingdom Norway

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