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Dear Customers, it’s currently not possible to ship new SIMs ordered from our website and the deadline for orders remains uncertain. Our SIM cards are still available in offline stores (this depends on the current situation in every region and the operation of our partners’ stores). If you’ve ordered a SIM card with a plan or top-up, and your SIM card has not been delivered, the activation PIN code from your purchase email will still work with any new Lyca Mobile SIM card. We are doing our best to resume shipping as soon as possible. Please feel free contact our Customer Service Team for help or refunds. Thank you for understanding.

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After ordering a SIM card on the website, check your E-Mail address, you will receive 2 sheets, a SIM card activation code and an instruction letter.
Important, if you have not received your mail, please check your Spam folder!
We remind you that Lyca Mobile sends SIM-cards by New Mail, you will receive a message from New Mail on your phone. The courier service at your address is paid!

  • 132 # - check your number
  • 116 * your code from e-mail # - activate the tariff plan or top up the account you purchased.

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To contact Customer Services:
Dial 1100 from your Lyca Mobile.
0 800 505 111 from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine.
+38 091 600 0110 from your Lyca Mobile number in roaming.