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** Lyca Mobile Ukraine, LLC, announces that from February 10th 2022, the price for national SMS will be changed to 1.00 UAH per one standard SMS (including VAT and levy to compulsory state pension insurance) for Lyca Mobile users. For queries, please contact our Customer Services.

How does the Lyca Mobile SIM card work?
At Lyca Mobile we want our customers to have the freedom to choose the service they want, when they want them. Our Pay-As-You-Go SIM cards are designed with your freedom in mind. – No costly subscriptions are required – No fixed monthly costs – No commitments Simply put the SIM card in any unlocked phone top-up your credit and you are ready to go.
To get started:
– Buy a SIM card from your local Lyca Mobile retailer – Activate the SIM card by inserting into your unlocked handset and turning on the phone. – Buy Lyca Mobile credit or a bundle from your Lyca Mobile retailer or online. – The Lyca Mobile SIM card will provide a full service for 90 days (starting from the date of the last purchased credit or bundle). – After 90 days you will continue to be able to receive calls for another 30 days. – If the SIM card is not used or topped-up for a total of 120 days the SIM card will be deactivated and the number will be recycled.
Q. Are there any monthly payments required? A. No. There are no monthly payments required, you choose the products or services you wish to buy without    any obligation to renew.


Select roaming country

Select the country you want to call from the roaming country

Prior going abroad and using Roaming services, make sure to activate the SIM card in Ukraine and TOP UP!

Rates and use of the Lyca Mobile Services are further subject to the Terms and Conditions

What is EU Roaming logo and which countries are included?

EU Roaming logo represents packages, that include data or/and calls, which can be used in certain countries. Country list:

EU ROAMING Countries

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Ukraine United Kingdom Norway, Switzerland

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