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Use of this website

1. Use of Intellectual Property contained on this website

This website contains a variety of content including graphics, designs, databases, trade get up and colours, trade marks and brand names which are protected intellectual property rights of the respective owners. The owners of Intellectual Property rights contained on this website are Hastings Trading e Serviços Lda, Lyca Mobile UK Ltd and affiliated companies respectively. By using this website, you acknowledge the respective intellectual property rights and agree to adhere to these terms of use intellectual property use.

2. Trade Mark Rights ®

LYCA MOBILE®, the Lyca Mobile logo®, the Lyca Mobile globeman®, the Lyca Mobile heart logo®, LYCAWORLD® and LYCA® are registered trade marks of Hastings Trading e Serviços Lda. The use of any trade marks of Hastings Trading e Serviços Lda is strictly prohibited without prior written consent and licence for such use. The LYCA MOBILE mark is a registered trade mark for online retail services relating to telecommunications. Use of the Lyca Mobile mark for ad campaigns, adwords, meta tags on websites and for search engine optimisation without clearly identifying that you are not the owner of the mark is prohibited.

3. Registered Design Rights RCD

The Lyca Mobile logo design is a Registered Community Design of Hastings Trading e Serviços Lda. No use of the design, including making, offering, putting on the market, importing, exporting, stocking for sale or otherwise using of a product which incorporates the Lyca Mobile logo design is permitted without prior consent for such use. No use of the Lyca Mobile logo on any product for sale, including books, magazines, newspapers, digital media formats is permitted without prior consent unless such use is for non-commercial, teaching or experimental purposes.

4. Database Rights

Applicable tariff rates provided on this website amount to database (data compilation) rights and as such are protected by the Civil Code of Ukraine, The Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related rights” dated 23 December 1993, as amended, and the Database Directive. Unauthorised use, extraction or copying without the permission of the respective right holders is strictly prohibited. All information regarding tariffs is for customer information purposes only, and is not to be reproduced without permission.

5. Copyright

Content such as graphics, text, video content and other media contained on this website is protected by copyright law and is not to be reproduced or distributed without prior permission of Hastings Trading e Serviços Lda or Lyca Mobile UK Limited.

6. Permission for Use of Intellectual Property Content

All parties, including wholesalers and business partners are NOT permitted to use the intellectual property rights of the respective owners without prior written consent or licence of the respective owners. Media and press outlets are not permitted to use any content contained on this website without prior permission. Any third party use of marks or logos is prohibited. This includes use of the term “LYCA MOBILE” or “LYCA”, logos or designs for sale or offer of goods without permission. Wholesalers are advised to contact Lyca Mobile in order seek permission before obtaining use, or to verify the extent of their permission of use. Consumers are permitted to view content and involuntarily store data as part of the function of using the website for their own non-commercial purposes but are not permitted to reproduce, copy or use any content on any third party website whatsoever to the fullest extent permitted by law in the respective jurisdiction.

These terms do not apply to any statutory exemption in force or enacted subsequent to the posting of these terms of use which permits use of content. Please note that you are put on notice that use of statutory defences does not grant an automatic right to use or partake in any “fair dealing” of content on this website. For users in jurisdictions which grant a user a right of “fair use” of content, that use should be strictly in adherence to the lawful provisions applicable. Use of this website does not provide users with any general grant of licence to use content of this website.

7. Seeking Permission for Use

If you wish to use content for your website, business or other purposes, please write to Intellectual Property Clearance Department, Legal Department, Lyca Mobile UK Ltd, Walbrook Building, 195 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SG, United Kingdom or email us at using “PERMISSION FOR USE” in the email header, and stating what elements of content you wish to use, the purpose of the use and the intended period of use. Please provide full company details or your own details to ensure your request is processed promptly. Should you fail to receive a response, this should not be considered as any implied acceptance or grant of use for the content. Should permission for use be granted, you may be required to enter into a licence agreement and pay a fee for the use, depending on the purpose of your intended use.

8. Counterfeit Goods

Lyca Mobile actively monitors use of its products and will pursue any legal means necessary to eliminate counterfeit goods from distribution or production.

If you produce, distribute, offer for sale any counterfeit Lyca Mobile product including SIM cards, e vouchers, top up vouchers you are infringing the trade mark, design rights, copyright and other intellectual property rights of Hastings Trading e Serviços Lda and its respective authorised licensees. You are also committing a criminal offence for which the owners will pursue prosecution in the criminal and civil courts of those responsible.

If you become aware of counterfeit or unauthorised use of Lyca Mobile goods, please inform our team by writing to Legal Department, Lyca Mobile UK Ltd, Walbrook Building, 195 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SG, United Kingdom, or email us at

These intellectual property terms of use are current as at 24/07/2017 and may be updated and amended without notice.

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