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How to Use

Using Lycamobile is simple, just click below for more information.

Get started

You can get started with Lycamobile by following these easy steps:
Insert your Lycamobile SIM card in to your mobile and switch it on
Top-up your Lycamobile
You can now make and receive calls and texts from your Lycamobile.
If you need any assistance, refer to the user guide that you received with your SIM card pack or call Customer Services on 1100 from your Lycamobile or +38 091 600 0110 from another phone. Visit our Contact Us page for service charges.

Top-up your balance

Top-up in your usual way:

• Online at our website via the following link. At no extra cost, in a fast and easy way!
• In-store at our retailers
• At the vending machines, via our partners’ websites and Apps:

1. Raiffeisen Bank Aval
2. Приват24 (Privat 24)
4. EasyPay
5. City 24
6. IBox
7. Global Money
8. Electrum
9. 2Click
10. FlashPay
11. Sistema
12. Простір (Prostir)

Check your balance

You can check your balance at any time.
To check your balance in Ukraine using your Lycamobile you can either:
Enter*111#, then send and your balance will be shown on your Lycamobile screen OR
and listen to your balance.

Access your voicemail

Your Lycamobile voicemail service has been automatically activated.
Using your Lycamobile voicemail you can:
Listen to messages left for you
Record a welcome message allowing callers to recognise you
Personalise your voicemail settings
Select the preferred language for Lycamobile to use To access your voicemail:
Dial1121when in Ukraine
Note: You can access your voicemail from your Lycamobile SIM only.

If you have lost your Lycamobile Ukraine User Guide

If you have lost your Lycamobile Ukraine User Guide you can download it from here.
Languages available: English, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Lithuanian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu and Chinese.

View your Lycamobile number

You can view your Lycamobile number on your mobile screen. To have your Lycamobile number displayed:

    Dial *132#
Contact Lycamobile customer services

You can contact Lycamobile Customer Services from 10am to 6pm. To contact Lycamobile:

Dial 1100 from your Lycamobile.

0 800 505 111 from fixed and mobile numbers within Ukraine.

+38 091 600 0110 from your Lycamobile number in roaming.

Email us at

Visit our website at

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